Terranigma - Game Development building


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Game Development building:
Go to new Neotokio before THE INCIDENT. There will be a empty lot. Its just a patch of grass with a sign on it. There is a dustbin beside it. Press action on it and you will be transported into the dustbin. Defeat the ghost. The empty lot will be turned into a building called Quintet. If you go into the crashpad there will be a sock on the floor. Press action and ark will faint.

Buy a flat:
In france there is a town near the kings castle where there is a election. Vote for jean and get the towns cultural level up e.g advertising clothes,giving away the painting and selling the wine to its maximum and then buy the flat at the travel agents. You can also buy furniture at the furniture shop for the flat.

Secret islands:
Ones you've completed all the towers at the start of the game. Before traveling to the outside world go to places in the map that look suspicous and you will have too get to the gates there. Then when you are at the outside world there will be islands that do not appear on the map. These will hold various goodies.

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