Throne of Darkness - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Throne of Darkness: Items

UseKappa Blood --- affects weapons,armor= 5 Strength,5 Vitality

Kappa Claw --- affects weapons = 5 Strength,5 to Knockback

Tengu Feathers --- affects weapons,armor= 5 Dexterity

Gaki Bones --- affects armor = 3 Enhanced AC

Co-Ghokin Ore --- affects armor = 10 Enhanced AC

Jade --- affects armor = 3 Damage Reflection

Spider with Cobwebs --- affects armor = 5 Damage Reflection

Soul of Buddha --- affects armor = 25 to Earth Resistance

Blood of Buddha --- affects armor = 25 to Earth Resistance

Patience of Buddha --- affects armor = 25 to Lightning Resistance

Tear of Buddha --- affects armor = 25 to Water Resistance

Scorpion Dragon Stinger --- affects weapons = Poison Elemental Damage 1

Oni Claw --- affects weapons = 5 Strength

Jama-Inu Pelt --- affects armor = 5 Enhanced AC

Jama-Inu Blood --- affects weapons,armor= 5 Ki,5Magic LeechDebu Blubber --- affects weapons = 5 Health Leech

Hairpin --- affects weapons = 5 Health Leech

Oni Bones --- affects weapons,armor= 5 Vitality

Red Shoul Chard --- affects armor = 5 Ki PointsBlue Shoul Chard --- affects armor = 5 Health Points

Gold Shoul Chard --- affects weapons,armor=15Extra Gold

Submitted by Tosounik

Money Tip

If your playing on the Internet or Lan and your character has quite a niffty amount of gold and items save and exit the game. goto the server list where all games are present press alt and tab to minimise the screen then goto the directory where throne of darkness is and backup all your characters to a new direc. then join a new game find somewhere to drop your items save and exit. goto the server list. press alt and tab to minimise the screen use you backup charactor and copy and paste it to the original direc. goback 2 the game where u left off and your items will hopefully still be there also your items will be on you. TIP FOR LOTS OF MONEY. KEEP REPEATING IT
Submitted by Cooldude1505

Item duplication

Save the game at any point. Hold [Alt] and press [Tab] to switch to the Windows Desktop. Go into "My Computer/C:/Sierra". Right click the the "Sierra" folder. Then go to "Send To" and "Compressed Folder". You should see a folder appear that looks like a folder with a zipper. Hold [Alt] and press [Tab] to switch back to the game. Throw down the item that you want to duplicate. Save the game again and go back out. Go to your "Compressed Folder" and go into "Characters". Highlight everything in this area then hold [Ctrl] and press C to copy those items. Go back into the actual "Sierra" folder, then go into "Characters". Hold [Ctrl] and press V to paste those files. Switch back to the game. While holding [Shift], press 5 to reload your earlier save. Go into your inventory if it is not already displayed. You should now have the item you threw on the ground back in your inventory. However, the same item is also on the ground.

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