Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops

Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops

Buying Weapon Power:
Avoid purchasing weapon power ups like airstrikes, grenades, and missiles during levels as more often than not you will be able to find what you need by looking around.

Kill troops in rapid succession so you get your multiplier to 4x as quickly as possible as doing so will enable you to go for bigger targets like tanks and buildings and maximise your earnings.

Easy 'Death from Above' Achievement:
If you have found one of the rare airstrike pickups that are available on certain levels you will easily be able to kill the required 3 or more enemies at once with one deployment and get this Achievement. If you cannot find the airstrike pickup there is always the option of calling up the 'Puchase' menu at an time during a level and buying a single use airstrike.

Easy 'V for Victory' Achievement:
To earn this Achievement you need to complete both the Soldier and Spec Ops Campaigns. You can complete these campaigns in whatever order or difficulty setting you want and the collectables and secondary objectives are not needed so there is no need to worry about them.

Easy 'Complete Soldier Campaign' Achievement:
To earn this Achievement easily just complete ALL of the 30 levels in the Soldier Campaign. The difficulty setting you complete the levels does not matter and there is no need to find ALL the hidden dog tags or medals.