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Tokyo Dark is a point and click styled visual novel with branching choices that
reaches a total of 11 endings. It features an autosave feature that makes all
your choices permanent. I truly suggest that you finish the game once first
without using this guide, for the fullest experience, and most personal experience.
Only use this guide when you are stuck on how to get some achievements.

During your first game you can only obtain 1 ending, but it will unlock New Game+,
which adds a few features to make the game easier to progress and complete the
story, such a save that you can use in various areas of the story, and a skip
button that can be used in some areas the devs think are skippable after first
playthrough. There will still be lots of things you already read, so get an
autoclicker, or your hand will hurt from it.

This guide will be fully updated and formatted, especially when the Cat Ending
is revealed. For now, I hope you enjoy the added help for those that may be lost.

Choice Achievements
This is a list of missable choice achievements you will get throughout the game. I
believe you will get at least one of each section in a playthrough, (unless you
got it before). For side quest achievements, please refer to that section.
Since the game is still new, I will put these achievements in spoilers.

- One won't hurt: Buy a drink from the hostess.
- Sober: Refuse to buy a drink from the hostess.

- Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight: As soon as you can choose options, draw gun.
- I Don't Talk with Dead Girls: First you would have to draw your gun, and
then you have to choose to shoot her.
- By the Book: First you would have to talk to her, and then attempt to arrest her.
- Run Away, Little Girl: After talking to her for a bit, a "Run" option should
appear over your head.
- Indecisive: Simply wait until the timer goes to 0, and this will be yours.

- BamBOOM!: When you have to get a train card from the river,
shoot a bamboo to fish it out.
- Backtracker: Instead of shooting a bamboo, backtrack until you find a cherry
tree stick, pick that up and use it to fish.

Police HQ
- Match Maker: In order to get this, when you talk to Saki she will eventually hand
you a letter. You need to accept it, then go up and speak to your boss. Eventually
you will be allowed to go to your office. When you are done there, return to the
elevator, and there will now be a policeman there. Give him the letter and he will
ask you to tell Saki that he will be on the roof.
Deliver that information and this achievement should be yours.
- See No Evil: If you did Match Makers, you have now access to the CCTV, and can
turn it off.
- This is not a drill: When you head to the basement, talk to Mori about earthquakes,
this will unlock the fire alarm next to your office. Pull it.
- Cat Burglar: In order to pick the lock in the basement, mori can't be there.
Before you pull the fire alarm, enter your office and pick up the hair pin and
then pull the fire alarm. This will allow you to pick the lock in the basement.
- That'll leave a mark...: Alternatively, if you don't pull the fire alarm, you
can get down there, try to pick the lock, and you'll get the option to just
knock him out instead.

Highschool Girls
No Time for that: Push as much as you can for information and you will get this,
but they will not budge anyway, and send you on an errand. The Letter of the Law:
On the girl's errand, Tell Goto what he is doing is illegal.
Not on my watch: On the girl's errand, threaten Goto.
Never again: On the girl's errand, shoot Goto. Throw him down the well for good measure.
Serve and Protect: When you return and tell the girls you've dealt with Goto, you get this.

Cat Maids
Maid to Talk: Push for information, you'll eventually get this.

Maid New Friends: Go to the arcade after agreeing to help them, and play the crane machine.
Win the big one in the middle and give it to the maids.

Cat shop
Catty: Push the cat lady for information.
Don't eat the fish. Agree to help her, exit and talk to the sushi guy next door. Then
run all the way to the left, and accuse that dude of poisoning the fish. Return and speak
to the cat lady. This one seems slightly buggy if you do it too fast when speaking to the
cat lady. Keep that in mind.

Not Making Any Friends: The Yakuza boss will make you go to the cat cafe in Akihabara and
demand money. Do not give in to cuteness. Do Not. I said DO NOT.

When one door closes...: The Yakuza boss will make you go to the cat cafe in Akihabara and
demand money. Instead of doing that, offer to help the cat lady, return to the boss, speak
with her, and a cat will save the day.

Return to the Police station
Breaking point: When the detective humiliates you, and you try to leave, instead choose
violence, and take him hostage. Good choice at a police station.

Submission: Instead, you can play his game. Leave and go to Asakusa and speak with the
Kendo master. He will give you sake and you bring that back to the police office as a
"peace offering" and then you manipulate him into giving you what you want.

Side Quest Achievements:
These are 3 sets of 2 achievements related to the 3 people you meet first in Shinjuku. Based
on 1 choice in the playthrough each, as far as I can tell, possible you may have to visit
them all the time, they can have a negative or positive response.

Miho, the hostess
Diamond in the Rough: Try to visit her every time you're in Shinjuku. Eventually she will
give you a question, if you tell her that you care, return to her in Shinjuku before you
end the game.

Say Hello To Kasumi From Me: Tell her the opposite, and visit her before the end as well

Daizo, the izakaya owner
A Change of Pace: Try to visit him every time you're in Shinjuku. Eventually he will give
you a question, tell him that he shouldn't give up, and then visit him before the end of
the game as well.
Too Late: Tell him the opposite, and visit him before the end as well.

Kobayashi, the warehouse worker
Moving Up In The World: At the very start of the game, do not shoot the dumpster. Talk to him
instead. Do not drink before you do this. Simply enter the warehouse and talk to him instead,
and you will be able to access the dumpster. Visit him before the end as well.
Shibuya Is A Whole World Away: Shoot the dumpster. It's a very good choice. Visit him at
the end as well.

Ending Achievements:
There are a total of 11 Ending Achievements. I will list them here, but for now, out of
respect to the devs, I will not reveal all the endings and how to get them, but I will
update them soon enough, especially after finding the last ending. Some of them are very
obvious to get, however.

- Revenge
- Only a Child
- The End Of The Mask
- Reap What you Sow
- Goodbye, I Love You
- I'll Remember How You Were
- Alone Together
- Lost
- Nothing is Real
- Becoming
- The Cat God's Blessing

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