Here's a close look at AMD's AM5 socket design

AMD's next-generation Zen 4, Ryzen 7000 processors are bringing with them a number of innovations when they launch later this year, most notably of which perhaps, is the new socket design. The LGA1718 socket design with use a land grid array of pins, rather than the PGA designs of recent generations, has several hundred more pins than any recent Ryzen CPU, and brings a unique retention mechanism to cater to the equally unique processor integrated heatspreader.

A number of new leaked documents have appeared online, via Igors Lab, showing a deep breakdown of the socket retention mechanism, including an exploded diagram of the socket itself.

Intel fans will feel right at home with the design, which appears to match Intel's CPUs in almost every way: a big retaining arm locks the frame to the socket and the CPU in place. The backplate will be attached to the socket retention system, which might make some custom cooler designs a little more complicated to fit, considering removing the backplate would loosen the attachment system.

Still, AMD has confirmed that all AM4 coolers will be compatible with AM5 motherboards without the need for additional retention mechanisms. This despite the unique processor and IHS layout, which facilitates the placing of capacitors on the front of the CPU, maintaining the same package size as AM4 CPUs.

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