Tomb Raider - spanSwan dive


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Swan dive:
Stand at the edge of a platform or similar location. Hold Walk and Jump Forward. Lara will do a swan dive that will save you from the horrible screaming that results when you do the normal jump from a high place. Note: If you use the swan dive, you will die even if its only two square spaces in height because Lara lands on her head.

Karate Kid pose
Stand directly in front the fireplace at the Lara's home. Press 5 Up 4. Hold 4, but release in mid-jump as you come down. Laura will do the famous Karate Kid pose with her arms stretched out, standing on one foot.

Sexy climb-up vault
When lifting yourself up onto something, you can do a little vault up. Jump and press 4 to grab the edge of a platform. While holding 4 to hang there, hold Up 7.

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