Top Spin 3 - Improving created players


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Improving created players:
Once you have created your player and started playing in Career mode, every match you win will earn experience points. Disable the auto save feature. Once you reach Junior level you will start getting 50, 70, or 100 experience points per match. You can accrue the points of two or three tournaments and you can spend them in the player area. When you finish improving the desired areas, save the player improvements then exit Career mode without saving your career progress. When you play Career mode again, the tournaments you played to improve will be there to be played again, as well as the player improvements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Rookie award 10 points: Complete the Amateur level in career.
Newcomer Award 20 points: Complete the Challenger level in career.
Orange Prize 40 points: Complete the Junior level in career.
Legends Club 50 points: Complete the Pro level in career.
Lemon Prize 70 points: Complete the Legend level in career.
Two in a row 20 points: Win 2 consecutive tournaments in the Pro level in career.
Big Spender 40 points: Unlock 300 items in the mall.
Experienced 40 points: Reach an Overall of 70 with a created player.
Played cash. 30 points: Win 5,000,000 in Career mode.
Here you go 5 points: Create a player with the Player Creator.
Big names club 20 points: Complete the Hall Of Fame in career mode on hard difficulty.
Trigger Happy 20 points: Hit 500 winners from the baseline in singles matches.
First liner 30 points: Hit 250 winners at the net in singles matches.
Mean server 20 points: Serve 100 aces in singles matches.
2K award 20 points: Win 2000 points in singles matches.
Faster this way 20 points: Serve at least 10 aces in a singles match.
No kidding 20 points: Win a singles match with at least 30 winners, less than 10 unforced errors on hard difficulty.
Men&8217;s award 25 points: Win a singles match with 5 sets per match and 6 games per set on hard difficulty.
Focused award 15 points: Win a singles match with 3 sets per match and 3 games per set with less than 10 unforced errors.
Rusher award 15 points: Win a singles match with 3 sets per match and 3 games per set with at least 20 winners at net.
Not that tough 20 points: Win 10 consecutive singles matches on hard difficulty without dropping serve.
Court Regular 30 points: Play 100 matches singles or doubles, in any game mode.
World premiere 20 points: Win a World Tour match.
Keep it up 20 points: Win 5 consecutive World Tour matches.
It's all about timing, see? 40 points: Win 10 consecutive World Tour matches.
World career 30 points: Play 100 matches in World Tour.
100 mixed 20 points: Play 50 matches in women's World Tour and 50 matches in men's World Tour.
Beaten em' all 30 points: Win a Grand Slam tournament in World Tour.
Season's 5000s 30 points: Win 5000 points in a World Tour Season.
That goes with glory 40 points: Win 1,000,000 World Tour Prize money.
Grid-top regular 30 points: Reach 4 finals in a World Tour season.
Local Champ 20 points: Enter your geographical zone's top 1000 at least 20 matches played in World Tour.
Tennis elbow 0 points: Lose a singles match on Xbox LIVE without winning a game.
Tennis teacher 20 points: Win a singles match on Xbox LIVE without losing a game.
World Tour Regular 20 points: Play 5 seasons in World Tour.
School&8217;s Out 10 points: Complete every lesson in the Top Spin School.
Tournament hot shot 50 points: Win all tournaments in Tournament mode.
Half the way 20 points: Win 1000 points in singles matches, in any game mode against any opponent.
Safeplay award 10 points: Win a set with no unforced errors in a singles match, in any game mode, against any opponent.
Warmed up 5 points: Win a singles match, in any game mode against any opponent.
Winning duo 5 points: Win a doubles match

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