Tyrian 2000 - Various Cheats

Tyrian 2000 - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

At the Tyrian 2000 Main Menu enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
TECHNO Experimental PQZ Ship
UNKNOWN TX Silvercloud
STORMWIND Stormwind The Elemental
STEALTH Ninja Star
WEIRD Foodship Nine
ENEMY Captured UFighter
PRETZEL Pretzel Pete Truck
ENGAGE Super Tyrian Mode
DESTRUCT Destruct MiniGame

Wild Detail Mode

Run the Tyrian 2000 Setup program. Highlight Game Detail and press W.

Hidden Difficulties

At the Difficulty Menu press Shit G to open Impossible. After opening that setting press Shift to open Suicide.

Debug Mode

During gameplay press Backspace F10.


During a level, press 'F2' 'F3' 'F6' together. If the message "Cheaters always prosper" appears, you've entered the code correctly. You can lose all of your armor, but you will not die until you deactivate the code by pushing 'F2' 'F3' 'F6' together again.

Random Color Change

During gameplay press Backspace .

Random Song

During gameplay press Backspace Scroll Lock.

Christmas Mode

At the DOS prompt go into the Tyrian 2000 directory and type file0001 yesxmas. Press Y when prompted.

Instantly End Level

During gameplay press F2 F6 F7.

Clean Pause

During gameplay press Backspace Number Lock.

Super Tyrian Codes

During gameplay in Super Tyrian mode After typing 'engage' at title use these to help fight off the enemys Note: There are more, I just havent figuerd them out yet

up spacebar = lighting bolt forward
left spacebar = lighting bolt left
right spacebar = lighting bolt right
down spacebar = convert shields to armor
up then down spacebar = super hot dog
down then up spacebar = freeze shot

Destruct Mini-game

Type 'DESTRUCT' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu to access the Destruct mini-game. - There are five modes to play: 5-Card War 5 units vs 5 unitsTraditional one on one battle
Heli Assault 4 helicopters vs 8 ground units
Heli Defense 8 ground units vs 4 helicopters
Outgunned green troops outnumbered by opponent's units
- Press 'F1' for the list of controls.