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In Underworld Bloodline, owners of Half-Life can enter the world of Vampires and Lycans Werewolves, in the midst of a centuries-old feud escalating to a bloody and brutal climax. Both sides seek The Hybrid, a human with the power to make their kind invicible. Action takes place on two maps, The City and The Train. THE LYCANS

In Underworld Bloodline, The Lycans battle in their human form, armed with a variety of weapons. The must acquire The Hybrid to overthrow the Vampire horde.

Special Abilities
The Lycans possess superhuman speed, which can be accessed by pressing the shift key while running.


The Vampires no longer drink the blood of living creatures. In Underworld Bloodline their sole mission is to protect The Hybrid from Lycan capture, using a variety of weapons to stop any enemies in their path.

Special Abilities

The Vampires can leap extraordinary distances; press the shift key while jumping to use this ability.

The City Map is a teamplay game similar to Capture the Flag, but uses a live target instead of a flag. Your goal is to find and capture the Hybrids there are two in the map; one full human; one partially turned, and return them safely to a prison cell at your home base, battling any enemy fighters in your path.

To locate and secure a Hybrid, look for the one in the bar or restaurant in the city. Press 'E' to make him follow you; press 'E' again to make him stop. Lead the Hybrid back to the cell in your hideout the Lycan cell is in the back of the large room at the end of the subway tunnel; the Vampire cell is behind the piano on the second floor of the mansion. Once you get him inside the cell, activate the prison cell button to capture him, again using the E key.

Once captured, the Hybrids will regenerate and win points for your team. Each team scores 1 point for every enemy kill, 10 points for a Hybrid capture, but loses 5 points if they kill the Hybrid by accident. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

In this map, the Lycans must lead the Hybrid only the partially-turned Hybrid roams this map from Train Platform 1 through the Vampire infested city to a waiting truck at Platform 3. The train must be used to break through the Platform 3 railway tunnel door. The Vampires must stop the Lycans from completing this mission, or face annihilation.

Press the E key to activate the train, activate the rail switch, pick up objects and to capture or release the Hybrid. Press the W button to move the train forward on speed setting; press the S button to move the train backward one speed setting.

Lycans gain 40 points for evacuating the Hybrid; any team loses 5 points for killing him.

1 In map UWCITY, send one or two teammates to the rooftops, from where they can provide cover to the rest of the team. Besides sniping, this elevated position will also allow them to jump right into the action anywhere in the city.

2 In map UWTRAIN, if you are fighting as a Lycan next to the last station and get killed, there's an underground tunnel at the start that you can use to quickly move back into the action.

3 In map UWTRAIN, Vampires should not kill the Hybrid, otherwise they will lose points. Instead, they should take control of the Hybrid and hide him far away from the final area, in order to make Lycans goal more difficult.

4 In map UWCITY, Lycans can use the train to break obstacles and provide additional cover while advancing towards the final capture area. The train is also required to break the railway door to the final area where the truck is waiting to escape with the Hybrid.

5 Search for the shotguns on both maps, they make a lot of difference in close-range fights.

6 Start your own LAN Server at home and spend a few minutes walking around each map to learn its layout and game rules, before joining an Internet server. This knowledge will give you a good advantage over your adversaries when playing online.

7 There's a super weapon hidden somewhere in map UWCITY

Mouse - look

W - move forward

S - move back

A - move left

D - move right

CTRL - duck

SPACE - jump

CTRLSPACE - high jump

Mouse 1 - fire/attack

Mouse 2 - secondary attack

R - reload

[ - next weapon

] - previous weapon

Q - last used weapon

1-5 - select weapon

N - change team

B - change character

M - other options

Y - chat
U - team chat

TAB - view scores

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