Unreal - Various Cheats

Unreal - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

All these codes are listed in the readme file but here you go again:

Code Effect
ALLAMMO 999 Ammo for All Your Guns
FLY Fly Mode
GHOST Clipping Off
WALK Normal Mode
GOD God Mode
KILLPAWNS Kill All Monsters
SLOMO Slows or Speeds Up the game. 1.0 is normal
SUMMON Add a Weapon or Item. eg SUMMON EIGHTBALL
PLAYERSONLY Freezes Time Toggle
OPEN MAPNAME Warp to any map eg OPEN DIG
BEHINDVIEW 1 Puts you in Tomb Raider View
BEHINDVIEW 0 Resets the Above
FLUSH Flush Outs the Graphics Cache. I seemed to be always typing this.