Viewpoint - Level Passwords


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Level Passwords

Level Password
12 CLL
13 CRR
21 FGD
22 FLJ
23 FRN
31 HGD
32 HLG
33 HRL
41 KGG
42 KLD
43 KRJ
51 MGJ
52 MLD
53 ???
61 PGL
62 PLG
63 PRD

Various Cheats

Pause the game and press any of the following "Codes":Key:S SquareC CircleT TriangleX XR Right / L Left / U Up / D Down

Effect Code
Skip to End the Level Movie S C T R L D R1 L2 R2 R1
Invincible S S C C T X S U U D D L1 R1 Select

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