Void, The - Enabling Cheats For English Version


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Enabling Cheats For English Version
Open config.xml with notepad, its in the games install directory, The Voiddata

add "<Console/> after <FullScreen/>" to the list(without the parentheses)

In game use "~" to enter console.

Cheat for more active lympha(color you use for glyphs and interacting):
"/add_al #color[0-6] #amount"

Cheat for free lympha(this is the color that can be added to your hearts so you dont die):
"/add_fl #color[0-6] #amount"

silver is 0
crimson is 1
amber is 2
azure is 3
violet is 4
emerald is 5
gold is 6

so basically you have to activate the in game console, then when in game press ~ and enter the codes, an example of a color code:
/add_al 1 1

this would add 1 crimson to your active color supply.

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