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All Items

During game play just type in /Gimme and you will have all the items and spells in the game

Full Health

Type in /inn to fully restore health anytime during gameplayCheats - Marked as "Cheater"
Use of these cheats WILL mark your character as a cheater

/monster Displays monster radar
Not marked as cheater if you have a Golden Soul
/lose s<> Forget a certain spell
/give i<> Get a certain item
/give g<> Get certain amount of gold
/give s<> Learn a certain spell
/lose g<> Lose certain amount of gold
/lose i<> Lose certain item
/reload Re-enters world and reloads changes for World Designers only
/scene<> Takes you to a certain scene

Cheats - Will Not Mark as "Cheater"
Use of these cheats will NOT mark your character as a cheater.

/fail After selecting a spell, type this to see how many times it may fail
/pal <> Changes color scheme
/unbleep Disables the "Bleep" feature
/homework Displays a fun little math problem
/version Displays current version of your world for World Designers only
/phist Displays packet report
/pwd Displays path to the Well of Souls folder
/skins Displays skin folder
/theme<> Enables a sound theme
/fx<> Enables a special FX scene
/weather<> Enables a weather type rain, snow, etc.
/bleep Enables a word to be "Bleeped" every time someone writes it
/password Enables password leave boxes blank to disable
/fps Enables/Disables frame-per-second meter
/eavesdrop Enables/Disables listening to all players
/seance Enables/Disables seeing "Ghost" players
/terrain Enables/Disables terrain display
/mags FInds out how many magnificent hits occur out of a million tries
/easter Give the date of Easter for the specified year
/villagers Opens Monster Skin Viewer
/www. Opens the specified site
/asteroid Opens up the Big Ol' Space Rocks mini-game
/funpak Pops up a window with a bunch of information about the game
/pdice Privately only you can see a dice number
/preset Resets Packet History
/dice <>d<> Rolls a certain amount of dice with a certain amount of sides
/dice Rolls a dice number
/lag Shows incoming/outgoing data
/midi Starts playing a MIDI song must be in WOS folder
/help Will search in the help file for the topic

Fight A Monster of Choice
Type "/fight " in the chat box where "" is the ID number of a monster found in the pokedex. The monster will only come to fight you if you are in the camp setting in solo mode. You will not gain GP or XP from the monsters.

Quick Elemental/hand experience:
To get elemental/hand experience hit a Soul Brother using what you wish to raise the attack hand or magic to raise elemental experience.

Quick PP:
Learn a level one spirit or nature magic that can lower the enemies status. Go someplace that has weak enemies such as Jellys and cast the spell until your MP is depleted. You will get about 200 PP by casting with WIS 255, allowing you get about 5,000 PP in an hour.

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