Wheel of Time - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

During gameplay enter any of the following "Codes" in the console window :

Code Effect
god God Mode
allammo All Guns and Ammo
ghost No Clipping
fly Fly Mode
walk Walk Mode
behindview 0 or 1 Normal View or Behind View
playersonly Freeze Time Again to UnFreeze
invisible 0 or 1 Makes you Visible or Invisible
killall class Kills all Actors of a class
killpawns Kills all Monsters
say message Broadcast a message to other Players
slomo . Set Gamespeed to . 1.0 is Normal
summon class Spawns Actor of a class
switchcooplevel level h3 Server Switches to level h3
switchlevel level h3 Switch to level h3
amphibious Breathe Underwater
completelovol Finish All Levels

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