Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort

Game Cheats:
Stars Bowling Ball:
In Bowling when you reach Pro level (1,000 points) you will be given a bowling ball with stars on it. This new ball can only be used in events that you have achieved Pro level in.
Change Bowling Ball Colours:
If you want to change the colour of the Bowling Balls hold the indicated direction on the D-pad at the loading screen. The default colour is Blue.

Green Bowling Ball:
Hold Down.

Red Bowling Ball:
Hold Left.

Gold Bowling Ball:
Hold Right.
Unlock Bonus Power Cruising Courses:
Play the indicated amount of times to unlock the corresponding Power Cruising course. These courses have to be unlocked separately in Shalom and Versus mode.

Unlock Marina:
Play 5 times.

Unlock Cavern:
Play 10 times.

Unlock Shoals:
Play 15 times.
Unlock Alternate Modes:
The following hidden feature become available if you press/hold the corresponding key at the loading screen.

Unlock Advance Golf:
Hold 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Advance Frisbee Golf:
Hold 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Advanced Archery:
Press 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Shoe/Slipper Paddle:
Press 1 at loading screen.

Play Basketball at Night:
Hold 2 on the loading screen.

Play Swordplay during the Evening:
Hold 2 on the loading screen.
Unlock New features in Island Flyover:
When you have collected the indicated amount of points the corresponding new features will become available in Island Flyover.

Balloons appear across Wuhu Island:
Collect 10 points

Evening Mode for Island Flyover:
Collect 20 points

Double Popper (plane shoots 2 balls instead of 1):
Collect 30 points

Night Mode for Island Flyover:
Collect 40 points

Night-Time Lighting:
Collect 50 points

Two-Seater Plane:
Collect 60 points

New Whale Shark Design:
Collect 70 points

Secret Strike in Bowling:
During a '100-Pin Game' use the D-Pad to move your character ALL the way to the left or right. Then roll a ball ALL the way down the gutter guard without it falling off and if you do this correctly there will be a muted explosion sound and ALL the pins will suddenly topple over. After completing the match you will receive the 'Secret Strike' stamp.

Unlock 11 Point Table Tennis Game:
This hidden feature will become available if you hold 2 at the loading screen.
Pro Level:
When you reach a rating of 1,000 in a sport a silver seal will appear next to your name when you play that sport. When you do well in a sport your rating will improve but when you perform badly you will lose rating.
Table Tennis Shoe Paddle:
Starting after you click on table tennis, hold down 2 while pressing all the other buttons that chose your mii, hold 2 until you start playing. Then you will have a shoe instead of a tennis paddle.

Thunder strike:
Go to bowling at 100 pin game.if you look closely on your left you will see a red bitton. Line up your bowling so it moves on the wall. Throw the ball. Move your wrist so it will stay on. If you do it correctly, in a few secconds, you will hear a click then a loud thunder clap. You can do this also in wii sports when you go to training, bowling power throws. Note: in wii sports do this task on the right. Bye. Ps.this will help you become pro in wii sports.