Worms 2: Armageddon

Worms 2: Armageddon


Any way up (Bronze)
Objective: Cause 69 damage to an enemy Worm.

Six Pest (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 6 enemy worms in a single turn.

Prod for Victory (Bronze)
Objective: Win a game by using the Prod.

I'll Try Anything Once (Bronze)
Objective: Use every weapon and utility in the game once.

Drop Your Load (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a worm in a Ranked Match by dropping a weapon from the Jet-Pack or Ninja Rope.

Happy Shopper (Bronze)
Objective: Collect more than 10 Weapon Crates in a single Ranked Match.

Six Dollar Worm (Bronze)
Objective: We can rebuild him! Collectt 6 Health Crates with one worm during a Ranked Match.

Martyn's Missus (Bronze)
Objective: Spend more than 2000 cash unlocking items in the shop.

Teacher's Pet (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all tutorials.

Name and Fame (Bronze)
Objective: Name a team and choose hats, speech-banks, gravestones and victory dances for them.

Mine Gott! (Silver)
Objective: Detonate at least 3 Mines during one turn in a Ranked Match.

Get Your Lob On (Silver)
Objective: Win and Playstation Network game using just the Grenade.

In Your Own Time (Silver)
Objective: Win a Ranked Match by being the last surviving worm not killed by the rising water in Sudde Death.

Cheeky Flocker (Silver)
Objective: Deploy 25 Sheep in any ranked games.

Oldest Swinger inTown (Silver)
Objective: Use the ninja rope 1000 times.

Wind Assisted (Silver)
Objective: Win a Ranked Match using only the Bazookas.

Fire Starter (Silver)
Objective: Use the fire weapons 200 times.

Ded-Eye Dick (Silver)
Objective: Inflict maximum damge on an enemy worm with a weapon during a Ranked Match.

Mine's a Drink (Silver)
Objective: Knock an enemy worm into the water using only a Mine in a Ranked Match.

Going Solo (Gold)
Objective: Complete the Single Player Campaign.

Mine All Mine! (Gold)
Objective: Detonate at least 5 Mines during one turn in a Ranked Match.

Collateral Damage (Gold)
Objective: Inflict more than 150 damage on a single enemy worm by detonating at least one barrel.

Ranked Master (Gold)
Objective: Achieve 17 wins in each of the following ranked game modes: Standard, Pro, Crazy Crates and Fort.

One Good Turn... (Gold)
Objective: Inflict maximum damage on an enemy worm the turn after they've inflicted maximum damage on one of your worms during a Ranked Match.

Armageddon Good At This! (Gold)
Objective: Win a Ranked Match by being the last worm standing after deploying Armageddon.

Donkey Dodger (Gold)
Objective: Survive the enemy deploying a Concrete Donkey in a Ranked Match and go on to win the round.

Worms Elite (Platinum)
Objective: Easy, just unlock all the other trophies!