Worms World Party Remastered

Worms World Party Remastered

Game Cheats:
Change CPU player names:
To change the names of the CPU players in deathmatch/quick games, you have to win enough deathmatch games until you have at least one team whose rank is "elite". The teams are now Royalty, Team17, Dodgy8, Evil team and Venom.

Hit yourself on a Ninja Rope:
Use the Ninja Rope to cling yourself on the ceiling. Then, use a Super or
Aqua Sheep and make sure you aim it at the worm that is hanging from a Ninja Rope.

Easy win:
In battlegrounds surrounded by a wall, look at the ceiling for ledges that
one worm may be able to fit on. Ninja Rope up to that area and use a very
powerful weapon, such as Nuclear Test, and use it with that Worm. That Worm will survive, and you will win, although all other Worms will be sacrificed.

To win a match, find a good place to hide underground. Use the Blow Torch to get underground. Stay there and keep skipping your turn. Then watch your enemies blow themselves apart.

Stupid enemies:
If your enemies are in a location near each other with no possible way to get your team, they will start to kill each other or themselves by using the
strangest ways. If one enemy is too far away from any worm (on either team) on the field, they will just skip their turn.