WWE Wrestlemania X8 - Hidden Areas


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Hidden Areas

Original Smackdown Arena-Win the Undisputed Championship with The Rock
Wrestlemania X7 Arena-In exhibition, use all arenas at least once.
Royal Rumble 2001-Win the Royal Rumble with any superstar.

Hidden Wrestlers

Chris Benoit-Win the WWE Undisputed Championship.
Vince McMahon-Win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
Ric Flair-Win the WWE European Championship
Rhyno-Win the WWE Hardcore Championship
Raven-Win the WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship
Stacy Keibler-Win the WWE Tag Team Championships

Easy Table Matches

This is the easiest way to win in a table match: Simply pick up the table by pressing A and Y simultaneously and then go to any of the turnbuckles and press A and Y again. Now, throw your opponent into the table/turnbuckle by pressing A and X. Then run and press B. Hopefully your opponent won't move out of the way, but I haven't seen that happen to me YET. You can also do this with the ladder.

Get Extra Points For Create-A-Wrestler

When you win a title you get ten atribute points to add to your new jobber when you defend your title you get 2 points.Do this to make your grappler the ultimate wrestler of all time

Finishing Move

When you have a Finishing move to do press a and b at the same time.

Get Andre the Giant

To get andre the giant you have to win all championship belts with the big show in less than 24 hoursthen the big show will become an double option so you can be andre and big show.

The Hurricane Title

Finish all of career mode with every character including the hidden ones in less than 24 hours.

Standard Strikes

You can perform standard strikes by pressing the B button.

Strong Strikes

You can perform strong strikes by holding the A button.

Skip Entrances

If you don't feel like watching the wrestler entrances all you have to do is press the START button.

Counter Opponent's Specials

You can counter your opponent's special by pressing L and R together.

Counter Your Opponent's Strikes

You can counter your opponent's strikes by pressing the R button.

Counter Your Opponent's Grapples

You can counter your opponent's grapples by pressing the L button.

Wrestle as Chris Benoit

Win The WWE Undisputed Championship to unlock Chris Benoit.

Wrestle as Raven

Win The WWE Light Heavyweight Championship to unlock Raven.

Wrestle as Rhyno

Win The WWE Hardcore Championship to unlock Rhyno

Wrestle as Ric Flair

Win The WWE European Championship to unlock Ric Flair.

Wrestle as Stacy Keibler

Win The WWE Tag Team Championship to unlock Stacy Keibler.

Wrestle as Vince McMahon

Win The WWE Intercontinental Championship to unlock Vince McMahon.

Original WWE SmackDown Arena

Win The WWE Undisputed Championship with The Rock to unlock the original WWE SmackDown Arena.

WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena

Wrestle in all other arenas in exhibition mode to unlock the WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena. -From: PHiLlYgUy71613@aol.com and criselda9@bigpond.com

WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena

Win the Royal Royal with any superstar to unlock the WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena.


to get the new raw titantron arena be ric flair and win 18 matches with him against triple h in the raw arena to unlock it
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