WWF Raw is War - Infinite Specials

WWF Raw is War - Infinite Specials

Infinite Specials

While playing pause hold A then press B,X,Z,A. You should hear it say Raw is War

Unlock RVD

Type MRPPV in the cheat menu to unlock Rob Van Dam


Go to the character edit and type "greatest" for name and exit out.Go to exhibition and when you pick your wrestlers you will have every hidden wrestlers.

Unlock WCW superstars

While at the options screen type in this password "WWF RULES" make sure there are three exclamation points or it won't work.Or if you want to unlock individual wrestlers then type these in:

Hurricane Helms: Stand back
Lance Storm: Serious
Mighy Molly: Golly Gosh
Shane Mcmahon: Which way
Stephanie Mcmahon-Helmsley: No
Kurt Angle: It's true
Test and Booker T: T&T


fight wit Undertaker against test, interference only 20 time limit & if u win lance storm comes with christian, hard mode only.
Submitted by Chucky

Unlock Hulk Hogan

To unlock Hollywood Hulk Hogan go to exhibitionmatch and pause then hold a and press x 3 times
Submitted by unknown