Xenosaga: Episode 1 - Skip Previously Watched Scenes


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Skip Previously Watched Scenes

To skip a scene you have already watched press Start triangle

Swimsuit Location

If your looking for one of the swimsuits acquired in this game go to the Kukai Foundation and go to City sector 25 and 26. When the Gnosis attack the foundation, go into the Iron Man store and behind the counter where the bartender was is a box. To gain access to this box you have to find the switchboard to lift the elevator. When you do so the elevator will raise and you'll gain access behind the counter. Also if you cannot find the bartender shoot the huge boxes that was behind the elevator. You will find him and you'll aquire one of the swimsuits when you go behind the counter. I believe this is random. If it is not there then it will be behind the counter in the hotel. behind the counter where the huge safe is locatedLook over to the window beside the safe and you should see a box. You should aquire the swimsuit if it is not in the Iron Man store

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