Attack On Pearl Harbor


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It's time for gamers to take to the skies, as Ascaron Entertainment and Legendo Entertainment have released a new single-player demo for their upcoming WWII aerial combat title - Attack on Pearl Harbor.

The 150 MB demo contains four playable missions. For the two American missions, the player is first challenged to fly as a P-40 fighter trying to defend against the overwhelming Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The player then pilots a U.S. Navy TBM Avenger on a torpedo bombing run, looking to cripple portions of the Imperial Japanese Navy afloat near Wake Island. The first Japanese mission will launch gamers on bombing runs with the ferocious D3A1 "Val" dive-bomber, while the second will throw them into fast and furious air-to-air action in the nimble A6M1 "Zero" fighter.

Battling across two expansive maps, players are given a taste of the white-knuckle arcade combat action in the Pacific Theatre that is the focus of Attack on Pearl Harbor. The demo contains a total of four missions (out of more than 50 included in the full game).

The demo is available from the game's official website under the Demo section, and by following the download tab above.

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