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Ducati World heading for the winner's rostrum...

DUCATI WORLD - the official game based on the most prestigious name in the world of motorcycling is launched on Playstation, PC and Dreamcast in February. It has won much praise in the specialist press with an 8/10 from Official Playstation Mag and many reviews in the high 80's. The racing action is fast and furious and the game offers the player the full range of Ducati bikes from the 'Cucciolo' (Little Puppy) of the 50's through to the 996 and Monsters of today. The game will be available throughout Europe and the US.


Race over 40 Ducati bikes - present and past, including Authentic Classic Ducatis.

The most absorbing and detailed motorcycle racing game ever with super smooth hi-rez graphics.

The best rider/bike interface ever seen in bike racing title.

Focus on the Ducati lifestyle - learn the history of the Ducati motorcycle in the Ducati Museum.

Upgrade and tune your favorite Ducati, then take it to the track and compete in League, Classic, or Challenge races.

Over 20 different types of racing set on 8 unique tracks.

Ducati Life Campaign offers endless game play; Quick Race is perfect for new, casual gamer.

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