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Space stations ring the earth. Nuclear arsenals are being amassed. Diplomacy has failed.
Only one superpower can be victorious....

MAD is an arcade strategy game of apocalyptic proportions. Build up your bases, arm your satellites and research more and more powerful nukes as you attempt to outmaneuver a wily opponent. There are no prizes for second place - only total destruction of your enemy will guarantee success.

'MAD - Global Thermonuclear Warfare' features:

-Real time strategic decision-making combined with immediate arcade control of missile launches and space station defenses.

-Play against the computer in Single Player mode, or challenge another player over the Internet via networked Multiplayer mode.

-Build and deploy up to 16 different weapons and space station units.

-12 avatars who keep you updated on important in-game events.

-Dramatic orchestral musical score, with epic sound effects and context-specific voice-overs.

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