Sonic Heroes Demo


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Demo Info:
Sega has released the demo for their popular third person action game, Sonic Heroes. This demo includes the Seaside Hill stage.

onic is off touring the globe and having fun, when a mysterious letter arrives. Knuckles and Tails quickly recognize Dr. Eggman's scrawl and know they have to get the letter to Sonic right away. It turns out Dr. Eggman has put the finishing touches on his most fearsome doomsday machine to-date and the tenacious trio has only three days to stop him from unleashing it on the world! Tails looks worried, Knuckles clasps his hands and cracks his famous knuckles, and Sonic's eyes gleam with anticipation. "I wouldn't miss this party for the world!" Sonic exclaims and Team Sonic is off and running.

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