The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked

The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked The Best Ship Types of No Man's Sky Ranked

In No Man's Sky, the spaceship you pilot is not just a vehicle but a vital companion on your cosmic journey. Each ship type serves distinct purposes, catering to various playstyles and objectives. Here, we rank and dive deep into the unique features of each ship types.


1. Sentinel Ships


Sentinel ships are the elite guard of space, engineered for supreme combat efficiency. These ships feature advanced military technology that allows them to perform exceptionally well in both offense and defense. With their high maneuverability and formidable weaponry, Sentinel ships are the preferred choice for players who seek to enforce their might across the galaxy, engage in frequent space battles, or protect valuable cargo against pirate attacks.


  • Exceptional damage and agility, perfect for combat scenarios.
  • Massive cargo capacity of up to 120 slots.
  • Ability to hover at zero speed, offering tactical advantages in fights.



  • Very low hyperdrive bonus, limiting interstellar travel.
  • High cost, making it less accessible for new players.


2. Exotic Ships


Exotic ships are the epitome of rarity and performance in "No Man's Sky." Each ship boasts a distinctive design that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. These ships offer a harmonious balance of advanced technology across all critical systems, making them highly versatile and capable in various situations. Their rarity and cost reflect their status as the crown jewels of any fleet, appealing to those who wish to travel in style and power.



  • Superior balance of damage, shields, hyperdrive, and maneuverability.
  • Sizable cargo space of up to 105 slots.
  • High bonuses enhancing overall ship performance.



  • Extremely expensive, often costing hundreds of millions of units.


3. Solar Ships


Solar Ships are a marvel of ecological and technological innovation, designed for the eco-conscious explorer. These vessels integrate solar panels or sails that capture solar energy, allowing them to operate more sustainably by recharging their systems without depleting conventional fuel sources. Ideal for long-duration missions in well-lit areas of space, these ships combine functionality with environmental responsibility, appealing to a new generation of space explorers.



  • Vesper Sail technology allows for slow recharge of launch thrusters at no cost.
  • Good exploration capabilities with a decent damage bonus.



  • Very low hyperdrive & shield bonuses.


4. Living Ships


Living Ships are one of the most intriguing and mystical ship types available. These biological entities are not just built; they are grown and nurtured from Void Eggs, involving a deep connection between the ship and its pilot. Each Living Ship is unique, with its own set of organic abilities that can evolve over time. This deep biological synergy makes them an exotic choice for players who seek a profoundly personal and immersive experience in space travel.



  • High damage output and impressive hyperdrive range.
  • Grows and evolves through organic modifications.



  • Difficult to acquire and upgrade, requiring specific organic components.
  • Low shields and maneuverability compared to other ships.


5. Fighters


Fighters are the quintessential combat vessels, built with aggression and durability in mind. These ships are designed to deliver devastating blows, equipped with superior weapon systems and enhanced agility to dodge incoming attacks. Their design prioritizes offensive capabilities, making them the go-to choice for players who embrace the thrill of space combat and seek to assert dominance in hostile encounters.



  • Unmatched in damage output, ideal for space combat.
  • The first ship type players experience, making them familiar and reliable.



  • Typically lacks a hyperdrive, making interstellar travel challenging.
  • Limited in other capabilities like cargo space and exploration.


6. Explorers


Explorer ships are the long-distance haulers of the cosmos, designed specifically for discovery and exploration. With technologies that maximize hyperdrive efficiency and minimize fuel consumption, these ships are built to travel farther and faster than others. They are ideal for adventurers who prioritize reaching the farthest and most remote parts of the universe, uncovering secrets hidden in uncharted territories.



  • Best in class for hyperdrive range, perfect for long-distance exploration.
  • Focused on maximizing fuel efficiency and operational range.



  • No inherent damage bonuses, making them vulnerable in combat.


7. Haulers


Haulers are the industrial giants of space travel, designed to transport large quantities of goods across vast distances. With their expansive cargo holds and reinforced shielding, these ships can handle significant amounts of resources while ensuring their safety from space pirates and other dangers. Their robust design makes them slower and less agile, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in capacity and durability, making them indispensable for major trading endeavors and resource management.



  • Maximum cargo limit of 120 slots, ideal for traders and resource collectors.
  • Strong shields enhance durability against attacks.



  • Slow and cumbersome, with poor maneuverability.
  • Weak overall jump range and speed.


8. Shuttles


Shuttles are the versatile workhorses of the space lanes, offering a balanced approach to space travel. They provide a reliable and affordable option for everyday tasks and short-range missions. While they don't excel in any specific area, their adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of roles, from light trading to minor skirmishes. This makes shuttles an excellent starting point for newcomers to space travel, providing a solid foundation on which to build their interstellar adventures.



  • Most cost-effective and accessible ship type for new players.
  • Decent balance of speed, cargo, and power for general use.



  • Low class bonuses and generally underwhelming performance.
  • Often considered the least visually appealing option.


Each ship type in No Man's Sky offers unique advantages and challenges. Your choice should align with your preferred playstyle, whether it's engaging in high-stakes combat, traversing the depths of space, or trading across the stars. Choose wisely and make your mark in the galaxy!