Ablaze Ablaze

Ablaze is a well known and funny game-type.
You have to kill all your enemies by placing bombs cleverly. When starting the game all players have the same chances. During the game you can collect some extras. These extras may enlarge your range of explosions and the number of bombs you can place at any one time, but they also may cause some temporary effects. These effects may be "double speed" or "invisibility". But there can't be only positive effects, so some extras were created, which you "won't like".. for example "slow motion", "no bomb", "flipped keys" or "the set-bomb-automatically-illness"...

Ablaze was made especially for multiplayer mode. The only single-player mode you will find is a "training" mode, which you may use to train your skills against some computer players before playing against other ablazers. There are three types of multiplayer-modes:
1. Internet game: You will find ablazers all over the world here...
2. LAN game: If you don't have internet access you can play in a local LAN using TCP/IP.
3. Hot Seat: This is a 2 player multiplayer-mode using one computer. You may decide if you use a joystick/gamepad or the keyboard to defeat your opponent..
There are max. 8 players in one game at the same time. If your LAN is too small or there aren't enough ablazers in a game, the host-player (player who created the game) can activate computer players.


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