Battle Fire - LAN Arena


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Battle Fire - LAN Arena is a multiplayer game with high quality graphics and audio. Up to 10 players can join in on a server and even a dedicated server can be started. Timelimit and Fraglimit determine the end of a game now. Available are different kinds of weapons and plenty of grenades to throw around.

Battle Fire - LAN Arena comes without any music, only with sound effects. To add music to the game, place your own MP3 files in the folder where the game is installed or download and extract the BF3 Music Pack. Extra Utilities are released for BF3 to have the game run on Shared Internet, and other things.

BF3Serve is the same as BF3, but only the dedicated server. This is usefull if you want to host a server on a machine without 3D Card. Also no DirectX is required for BF3Serve. BF3Serve contains a configuration window to configure the server game settings.

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