Colorblind Free Full Game

Colorblind Free Full Game Colorblind Free Full Game Colorblind Free Full Game Colorblind Free Full Game Colorblind Free Full Game Colorblind Free Full Game

You play as a soldier, who is trained to pacify all signs of rebelion, which is rising up by people who are breaking chips in their brains that are supposed to make them perfect society members.

Colorblind has 4 levels to complete. Every level will progress the game story. To complete a level you need to kill all enemies and reach the level exit. The game is based on colors, you need to match the color of your weapon to color of enemy to kill them.

The game progress is saved when a level is completed. You can replay completed missions by choosing them from main menu.


Core Mechanics

Use mobility to your advantage, dodge bullets, and run on walls to avoid taking shoots. Use slide or dodge to quickly get to enemy.

Weapon color changing
Shoot a color objects located in different spots on levels to change the color of bullet. Then pick that bullet to change the gun color and restore 1 ammo.
Hit a color object with sword to change sword's color.

Throwable Objects
On the map you can see color objects that will change weapons color when hit. Some of them can be picked up and used as a deadly projectile or a shield. Sometimes non color objects also can be picked up.


• AWSD - movement
• Space - jump, jump on a wall to start wall run
• Left Shift - sprint
• C - crouch, slide while sprinting
• Left Alt - dodge, icon above weapon icon shows if ready to use

• LMB - shoot, attack with sword
• Scroll - switch weapon (gun or sword)
• RMB - pick up bullets
• E - pickup color objects, then RMB to rotate and then, LMB to throw them

• R - reset to last checkpoint
• ESC - pause menu

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