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The creator of Cult, Lee Blum, has concentrated hard on the title's unique gameplay style and very deep storyline, offering a refreshing change from other free games currently available.

"Two weeks ago, about one hundred people who identify themselves as the "Cult of the Stars" barricaded themselves in a villa two kilometers away from town. We know they have guns and ammunition, but we don't know what for. There haven't been any negotiations; the cult members have refused to talk. Until now."
Whack on those thinking caps because this ones a puzzler!

You are thrown in at the Villa's entrance with a "State of the art Microcommunicator", from there on, you must work your way through the thick social structure and secret locations to reach your goal. Solve unique puzzles and unravel the mystery of a villa that is occupied by your average civilian folk and freaky brainwashed cult members! Apparently top-down is the way to go and although the graphics aren't top knotch, who can complain when the entire package weighs in at a mere 2 and a half meg.

Cult has its own themed music thanks to Jeremy Robson who has a piece suited to each scene you are in. Completion takes a while but the brain of the game is the storyline which has you taken in at every turn!

Cult is a vicious tale of mystery and secrecy, all wrapped into 2.4 meg. a good game, recommended for all brainy gamers out there.
Want more? Stay with MG for Cult 2!

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