D-Virus: Devilnitive Edition Free Full Game v4.0


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D-Virus is a short RPG made with RPG Maker MV to participate in the Major Jam, wich theme was Cosmic.
The Devilnitive Edition is out! You can play it right now!

Playing as the rookie Melissa Casanova, you must use the power of your HERZ to fight against a devilish virus that spreaded through Wittelsbach spaceship. The HERZ is the only way to defeat these demons!
Get the help of a charismatic cast of characters and save your spaceship from this menace! Everyone have their own reason to be there and to survive, so use their skills to finish all of this in 3 different endings!
Not just that, but you can use special commands at the Terminal to unlock exclusive content!

With a turn-based combat system inspired by "Shin Megami Tensei" and "Tales of" series, exploit the enemies weaknesses to get the advantage in battle and achieve a high combo! Get all the enemies down and unleash a Full Assalt to deal great damage! And, of course, OverCharge your HERZ to onliterate them with a special skill!
Fight against 10 different enemies and 6 bosses (which 4 are secret!) with more than 50 different skills and using different strategies!

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