Darkest Dreams Remake Free Full Game v1.1


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Frey Smith has been experiencing terrifying nights since one week. When he goes to bed he can hear agonizing cries, strange sounds, an invisible and evil presence next to him... He bought this nice and cheap house, looking forward to a calm and normal life, but now he is starting to regret it. One night, overwhelmed, he decides he has to put an end to all and as soon as the torture begins he steps out of his bed to investigate from where are those horrible screams coming from. As hours pass on, the nightmare will get more and more intense and a dark secret will be revealed. Will Frey survive the dark night in his house and discover the meaning of these bad dreams? This game is a Remake of my first ever game made in RPGMaker VX Ace. This one is made completely from zero in RPGMaker MV, and counts with new textures, new features, new gameplay and another twist to the storyline. If you played and liked the original, 5 years ago, you will enjoy this one even more, and if not... welcome!!

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