Deluxe Pacman v1.96d Free Full Game


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Some games will simply never get too old and one is our old friend Pacman. In case you didn't know, the object of the game is to eat all the dots on screen and avoid the ghost like creatures that chase you through the maze.
This version runs well on Windows 7, there is even an AMD 64bit version of the executable if you're so inclined. There have been several bug fixes and graphic updates to this version.

Note: Deluxe Pacman v1.96d (AMD Athlon 64bit) (EXE only): Also available is this specially compiled executable only (you'll need to download v1.96d above as well if you don't already have it) for AMD Athlon 64bit CPUs. Just unzip this into your game directory and overwrite the old version (back it up if you want to keep it on hand).

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