DF Shores Unknown Free Full Game v1.01


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What images arise in your mind when there is no a single ray of hope to leave the vicious circle of obscurity? Will you fall to the bottom or ignite the fire and destroy the endless darkness?
Will the remaining society gain any bright future or will it dissolve like the statues made out of the dust and ashes? To find the answers you have to take the situation in your hands and methodically take the control of your destiny.

Dive into the dark world of DF Shores Unknown, filled with surreal environments combined with unusual art style and dark archaic ambient.
There is no such thing as good or bad in this story, who you are doesn't matter in this world.

Key features:
- Fully hand-drawn graphics with unique style.
- Dark, oppressive atmosphere.
- Lots of puzzles.
- No censorship and taboo. (NSFW art included)
- Modified game engine.
- The main character is not a super hero in a shining armor, he's a human. His goal is above morality.
- Player's actions have far-reaching consequences.
- References to an ancient greek mythology and eastern-europian paganism.
- Completely original content, starting from tile sets and animations, ending with music and ambient.

The game is presented with a unique design done completely in a traditional hand-drawn art (backgrounds, character portraits and more), the whole environment is drawn in charcoal, chalk and blood.

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