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[[General Info]]

Dragon Castle is set in the fantasy land of Dramania, a land where dragons and humans live in peaceful harmony. When an army starts to attack, though, you have to defend Dramania's castles and attack the enemies' castles.


-You get to fly a dragon!
-You have an army on your side.
-Runs on slower computers yet can utilize accelerator cards.
-Heightmap landscape.
-You can aim your fireball in a different direction to the direction that you are flying.
-3d positional sound including doppler effects.
-Environmental effects such as rain, wind and snow.
-Joined mesh (seamless) for your character and your dragon.
-Author's first program. Begun when he was 18.
-You can land on the castle.
-Varied environments and level styles.
-20 levels.
-Large yet fast landscape.
-Characters include Dragon Knights, catapults, knights, archers and footsoldiers.


MistKeep Software has decided to release instructions for accessing all 20 levels of Dragon Castle so that everyone will have a chance to experience the varied level styles.

WARNING! : Using this cheat requires editing the Windows Registry, where programs store their settings. Therefore you should be extremely careful. Use this cheat at your own risk. MistKeep Software holds no responsibility for any damage caused.

To access all 20 levels of Dragon Castle:
1.You must have run Dragon Castle at least once so that the settings are put into the Registry.
2.Click on the "Start" button, then "Run".
3.Type in "regedit" and click "OK".
4.Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->MistKeep->Dragon-Castle.
5.Open "settings" on the right side of the window by double clicking on it.
6.Making sure to leave the format of the text intact, change the 6th number to 20.

You will now be able to access all 20 levels. If you accidentally corrupt the Dragon Castle settings, uninstall it using the uninstall program that is included with Dragon Castle and then start from step 1.

There is varied gameplay in all the levels. You will have to defend your castles against footsoldiers, knights, dragons, catapults and archers and you will have to attack the enemy castles. Catch the spy in the forest or find the ships at sea. Find the castle hidden in the chasms or save the princess in the snow. Fight large armies on the ground or in the air. You will find the most dragons in level 19 where you will have 12 dragons on your side and 19 opposing dragons, all flying at once! Have fun!

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