Duel II


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Duel 2 is a classic arcade-like ship game. At first glance it looks like Asteroids, you control a small ship on starfield. This game, however, focuses on ship-to-ship combat. In the two player modes you pit yourself against a friend, and using your ships armed with over 12 different weapons, fight to the end. There is a myriad of single-player games as well.

The two-player game is played both on the same keyboard on the same computer(no network support). You pilot your ship around from an overhead perspective and try to accomplish the objective of the particular game mode. Game modes include: Duel (2 player)
-Tag (2 player)
-Drone Kill (1 and 2 player)
-Asteroids (1 and 2 player)
-Missile Avoid (1 player)
-Asteroid Avoid (1 player).

For use in the 2 player duel, there are 13 unique weapons in the game ranging from homing missiles to mines to ricochet lasers. Combat your friends on the 8 different maps in the two player modes duel and tag. Team up or go it alone in the asteroids and drone kill modes, and test your piloting skills in the asteroid avoid and missile avoid modes.

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