Embodiement of Scarlet Devil

Embodiement of Scarlet Devil Embodiement of Scarlet Devil

It is extremely rare to find a freely distributed game that is as impressive as Embodiement of Scarlet Devil. The attention to detail and the exquisite visual experience provided by this shhot-em-up game make it an all time classic that can compare favorably with the best pay and play titles.
The game cats the players as one of two little girls who have to battle their way through the levels destroying, run-of-the-mill enemies as well as level bosses. The game offers an immersive experience with a neat combination of stunning visuals and engaging sound.

The down side to this game is that it only contains 3 levels but for most people 3 levels will be more than enough to keep them busy for quite some time. The other problem lies in the fact that characters in the game will tend to chat between themselves in Japanese, keeping western players from fully experiencing the game's story. This however, should not put players off since it does not affect gameplay in any way and the game can be enjoyed fully by non-Japanese speakers.

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