Equia: Artifacts of Zazkor Free Full Game


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Welcome to world of Equia, a place filled with wonderful sights, a place of fantasy and magic. Old stories, and adventures to take. Equia is a world of mysteries, and all wait for YOU to uncover them. From dragons to demons, from demons to elves, half eves, dwarves, men and alike.

Vampires? Sure! Pirates, arr, arr…we have that and more! Equia world is developing, and possibilities are many! Worldbuilding is in progress and as such subject to many possible changes!

YOUR story begins here…

You are Trinog Dragonhold, an individual whose past is shrouded in mystery, you just turned the age of twenty, and now considered a full adult. You live within the city of Dragonguard, a city filled with wonderful sights, and a place of which many tales and songs are told.

As you celebrate your 20th birthday, you are suddenly pulled into the world you did not know existed before, a world of adventure, magic, and mysteries. As you explore the world of Equia, you will be faced with a lot of choices that will affect its future.

Equia is an interactive book set in fantasy-medieval times. Your imagination powers it the most!

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