Eternal Silence Client 2.3 Beta (Client)

Eternal Silence Client 2.3 Beta (Client) Eternal Silence Client 2.3 Beta (Client)

The Old World, also known as Earth or Terra, was home to nearly 12 billion humans living, for the most part, under the democratic rule of the Sol Central Government (SCG).

Forces from rebellious nations on Earth and colonies from around the Solar system united to rebel against the SCG. This group, the Terra Liberation Front, formed a massive network of "Liberators," as they called themselves. After several guerilla attacks by the

Liberators, the SCG sovereignties merged their militaries, forming the United Terran Forces, a mighty armed division designed to take out all opposition. The UTF commenced a ruthless bombardment against the rebellious nations and colonies, leaving only the embarked Liberator forces intact. This led to one final, desperate assault staged by the Liberation Front on the UTF forces stationed around Earth. In a drastic move of revenge, the last remnants of the Terra Liberation Front took out Earth with an unknown superweapon.

Indeed, it seemed, Earth had been liberated from its oppressors. This marked the end of an era, but also, in a way, the origin of present human civilization.