Final Fantasy VII:The Dark Cloud


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Final Fantasy VII:The Dark Cloud takes place two years after the much loved Playstation game. Cloud Strife has left his teammates and has shut himself off from the outside world. It seems that even though Sephiroth, the legenadery soldier was defeated, Cloud is still plagued with nightmares and visions of his former enemy.

But across the other side of the planet his former teammates decide to try and find Cloud and question him about his abrupt departure. But are the nightmares of Sephiroth just dreams, illusions or are they something more sinister? Was Sephiroth realy destroyed back in the crater? And what is the Dark Cloud?

FFVII: Dark Cloud was created using RPGMaker2000 by Denis Murphy 2003/2005. All graphics/music etc are accesible through the root folders. All graphics and music etc are for free use around the RPGMaker2000 community.

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