First Base Free Full Game v1.1

First Base Free Full Game v1.1 First Base Free Full Game v1.1


You're in college. The energy from the sentence alone sums up how you feel about it. Despite never engaging in high school pep rallies or sports matches, you kind of miss the option to.

Thankfully for you, there's a nice place to study by the college baseball field, and it just so happens that one day, you find yourself in one hell of a strange meet-cute with the Ace of the team, 

Dakota Cly.

It just might be possible that he is a little too into you...



  • 50k Words (As of the 4/23/24 Demo, There are only roughly 600 soz)
  • Six Endings (Your Choices Matter!)
  • Four CGs
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Renamable MC & Custom Pronouns
  • Sporty Yandere



THIS GAME IS RATED 16+. There is no explicit sexual content. There are themes (ex. mentioned or shown) of the following:

  • Sexual Innuendos
  • Heavy Kissing
  • Blood/Gore
  • Murder, Assault and Battery, Kidnapping, and various other crimes
  • Mental illness 
  • Social deviance
  • Flashing images

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