GigaConomy Free Full Game

GigaConomy Free Full Game GigaConomy Free Full Game

The year is 3023. The AI takeover has come and passed. The Singularity Omnishipping algorithm says that humans require fulfillment. What is more fulfilling than spending your life fulfilling orders?

You have been assigned.

GigaConomy is an arcade action platformer where that transforms players into gig- economy couriers performing deliveries between faceless corporations in a post-human universe.

The player will have to contend with hostile robots and collect boost powerups whilst navigating hazardous terrain between delivery locations. Armed with their trusty laser gun, the player can eliminate explosive robots, neutralize haywire floating robots and use them as spring-loaded bounce pads, and shatter crates filled with valuables.

The player can collect battery power from explosive enemies and crates to power their blast charge ability, allowing them to speed through the terrain and even break through weakened structures. Additionally, the player must avoid the ominous Basilisks that roam these regions.

After the player’s shift is up, the rocket ship that dropped them off will return and give them one minute to before blast off, otherwise they will accrue a penalty for missing the ride home!


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