Halo Zero


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A group of inventive French fans of the Halo universe have created their own unofficiaal version of the game based on The Fall of Reach Halo storyline.

The game is a platformer with a wide variety of levels and very well made characters that give players a feel of the Halo experience.

Halo Zero is a very professionally made game that will appeal to Halo fans and those of you who just want to try something different. Guide Master Chief through various terrains, filled with various Halo trademark features such as the Warthog, and make sure that you destroy all enemies.

The game is not officially sponsored in any way by Microsoft or Bungie but the latter company seems to be aware of its existence and even mentions it in its news about Spartan-458 it is probably safe to assume that the French police have not been mobilized by the MS legions of lawyers.

To play the game follow the download tab above.

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