Heroes' Climb Free Full Game


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A team of elite heroes has gathered to conquer the dangers of the towers! Wield blade, bow, and spell against powerful monsters in this platforming adventure.

• Platforming and Combat: Climb the tower, dodge traps, and battle responsive and varied enemies.
• Interactive Environment: Spells, weapons, and objects in the environment interact and combine dangerously, opening new solutions to the problems posed by combat and navigation.
• Choice of playable characters: Play as any of a large roster of playable characters, each with their own unique aesthetic.
• Variety of enemies: The tower is occupied by monsters large and small. Players must master diverse strategies to best them all.
o Minions: The tower's rooms have become home to a variety of creatures, including ghosts, trolls, orcs, and more! Each provides a unique challenge and requires a tailored approach in combat.
o Mini-Bosses: These large enemies guard access to each tower's boss. They become more dangerous with each tower and provide a challenge greater than most enemies.
o Bosses: These powerful enemies are the last obstacle in each tower. With each tower, they become faster and stronger, providing a scaling challenge engaging to players of all skill levels!
• Boss Battle Arena: Face previously-defeated bosses in the arena. Hone your skills with new abilities and test new strategies!
• Progressive Gameplay: Each tower features more powerful enemies than the last but also offers the opportunity to unlock ever-stronger abilities. See how long you can stand against the ever-increasing challenge!
• Customize Your Play: In addition to traditional difficulty settings, adjust sliders and use the in-game console to tailor your gameplay experience. Provide additional challenge, or live out the fantasy of being an unstoppable monster slayer!

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