HiVE Free Full Game

HiVE Free Full Game HiVE Free Full Game HiVE Free Full Game HiVE Free Full Game

The Hive requires mass to consume!

It grows as you feed it!

Destroy the Hooman cities, collect the mass, and bring it to the Hive for consumption!

Once a quota of mass is received by the Hive the game is won & the planet consumed!

Couch Co-op!

Can be played Couch-Coop. Up to 4 players with Keyboard & Gamepad support. 


To Join/Begin the game - hit Start on your GamePad, or Space on keyboard.

  • Move using WSAD / Left Stick
  • Activate your anti gravity thrusters with Space / Button-South
  • Cut the hooman buildings to pieces using your Laser with E / Button-North
  • Activate your Lightning Cannons (Silly string) to destroy ground units by pressing Q / Button-West
  • The Hooman floaty machines are no match for the mechs pew pew system (automatic) - Just get close.
  • Change your Giant super powerful alien robot's colors by pressing C / D-Pad Down
  • Mass will be sucked into our super cool sci fi singularity storage device on the mech - just get close to all the pieces of hooman civilization you've destroyed.
  • When you want to empty your gigantic epic mega-robot, go close to the Hive and it will take care of the rest.


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