Imposter 3D: Online Horror Free Full Game v9.8.0

Imposter 3D: Online Horror Free Full Game v9.8.0 Imposter 3D: Online Horror Free Full Game v9.8.0 Imposter 3D: Online Horror Free Full Game v9.8.0 Imposter 3D: Online Horror Free Full Game v9.8.0

Join the ultimate online 3D horror game and save mini astronauts from the deadly Impostor in various game modes, solo or online multiplayer, with up to 10 players!

In each mode (except Hide&Seek) look for the little ones and complete tasks to win! Complete a variety of interesting tasks, such as setting up your ship, pointing guns, getting oxygen, mopping the floor, and more.

The game has 5 game modes:

Mafia - up to 10 players, among these players is an imposter who looks like other players. But at any moment he can turn into an imposter and catch other players! Use a vote to determine who the imposter is and kick him out. Be careful and collect all the babies.

PvE - play with friends against an imposter controlled by the computer.

PvP - PvP - spacemen against the imposter in an online multiplayer mode, players play for the imposter

Zombie - Infestation mode, anyone caught by the imposter also becomes an imposter. 

Hide and Seek -  In it you have to hide behind an astronaut and hold out until the end of the round.

Discover six unique 3D maps:

1. "Space Station 12" - Something terrible has happened, all the crew members are missing, but there are little ones left! You need to save them all, but in addition to the crew member and mini astronauts on the station there is an imposter... Beware of him because he's among us!

2. "Gelios" scientific station, with no one left except the astronauts and mini-astronauts. Krisper the imposter has appeared on the station. Save all the mini astronauts on the station, which is located on a planet covered in sand and lava.

3. Planet "IMP-13", where strange things are happening, is the home planet of the [classified] creatures, the astronauts have come to it to explore [classified] and mine [classified]

4. "Lab" - A scientist accidentally sprayed a minimizing gas in the lab! Now little cosmonauts are being chased by little imposters.

5. Maze - A huge maze on the planet IMP-13, it is unknown who created it and when.

6. "City-16" - A city on the planet [RESTRICTED], a center of attraction for all kinds of beings from all over the galaxy, one of the main trading centers of the [RESTRICTED] star system

It's a scary horror game, but exciting and interesting, play it carefully!


- Experience the thrill of tracking down the Impostor in single-player mode, where you'll face off against a computer-controlled Impostor in a high-stakes game of survival. With a variety of challenging objectives and unique gameplay features, our single-player mode is perfect for players looking to hone their skills and strategize against a formidable opponent.

- Ability to play in multiplayer with up to 10 players online in Mafia, PvP, "Hide and Seek" and Zombie modes

- Turn into an imposter in Mafia mode

- You can play as an Imposter in online PvP and Zombie modes!

- Use traps in PvP, PvE and Zombie Mode to ward off the imposter

- You can hide in a vent in case of danger!

- It's a scary horror game, with good and creepy 3D graphics and the ability to turn off skrimmers In case the impostor is too scary for you.

- Flashlight hunting mode for the imposter

- You have a flashlight, it will help you see in the dark at the scary station.

- Good thing every crew member wears a sensor, so I can see the traitor on the map on some of the monitors on the station

- Creepy 3D graphics with adjustable settings for a perfect horror experience

Experience the horror of hunting down the Impostor with the help of your flashlight and traps, or turn the tables and play as the Imposter yourself in online multiplayer modes.

We need to save all the little crew members, they are not to blame for anything!

The traitor among us can move through the air vents.

Dive into the terrifying world of Imposter 3D: online horror and save mini astronauts in this exciting 3D online horror game. With a variety of game modes and unique 3D maps, you'll need all your wits and strategy to survive.

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