Kal Online


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KAL-Online introduces the new genre of Oriental Fantasy to the players. The game generates a powerful oriental feel and has a strong cultural presence, which makes sense since the game's developers are Korean, but sets it against a fantasy world.

The story of KAL-Online is based on oriental myth about the 74th war between Ha-Nin, the great king and Ban-Go who challenged to the king with demon troops.

The game has a total of 8 character classes but , at the moment, only 3 are available, the Mu-Sa(Knight), Goong-Soo(Archer), and Joo-Sool-Sa(Magician).

One of the stronger elements to the game is the existence of a strong community where new players will get all the information they need to get started. Another important aspect of the game is the beautiful visuals which make it extremely appealing and justify the 160 MB download.

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