Kings Quest Remake

Kings Quest Remake Kings Quest Remake

In the early 1990's, Sierra released a remake of the original King's Quest game with newer technology and graphics (using the SCI engine, 16 colors, sound card and mouse support), which ended up being a total market failure. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Sierra has any thoughts of making an even further updated version of the King's Quest 1 game, because they would most likely lose money. That's where the Anonymous Game Developers decided to take over. Our aim is to make a remake of King's Quest 1 on the same level of Sierra's remake of Quest for Glory 1. We believe that the enhanced gaming experience for King's Quest fans will justify our months of hard work for no pay or credit.

The Anonymous Game Developers have searched far and wide for an old version of the King's Quest game for sale, but have searched in vain. The only remaining copies are being sold on E-bay, and will only profit those who bought the game over a decade ago. We feel that Sierra abandoned the adventure gaming genre because it did not prove to be profitable at that moment in time. Yet, we're hoping that by bringing back the ultimate classic adventure game, we can prove to Sierra that a huge interest still lies within the fans to play such games. It's our little contribution to try to bring the good old adventure games, as we used to know them, back on the market.

The Anonymous Game Developers would like to explain that just because we are making a parody of the original King's Quest game (and a VERY dark humored parody at that), we by no means want to ruin Roberta Williams' reputation or disrespect her series in any way. We love the King's Quest series and adventure gaming, and find Roberta to be one of the most influential and talented game designers of all time. Our game is not meant to mock her series, but instead to rekindle an interest in it. Since the King's Quest games are no longer available to the public, we want to provide people that never got to play the games with the chance to learn about them. And for the people that have played the games, we want to provide a humorous game that goes in the direction of South Park. Royal Quest 1 is NOT meant for everybody (we will provide several disclaimers regarding this topic). We'll leave it to you to decide whether or not you'd like such a game. But, just remember that these games are made in honor of Roberta and Ken Williams', and to promote their series, NOT to mock them, and I hope that they, and the fans of King's Quest, will be able to understand this.


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