Little Frog Game Free Full Game V1.01


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Little Frog Game is... a little game, about a little frog!
Jump around through 3 varied stages to collect flies and beetles, while avoiding enemies and hazards along the way!

And don't forget to stay hydrated - froggy will slowly lose hydration and can refresh in small pools of freshwater throughout. But watch out for pits and dark saltwater - saltwater is no good for frogs!

Use the froggy tongue to grab hard to reach collectibles, or activate tongue flingers that will send froggy flying onwards and upwards! Collecting all 5 beetles before finishing each stage will let froggy go to a special bonus stage. There, froggy will find a big delicious dragonfly waiting at the end!

Game Controls (Keyboard)
Z Jump (in-game) / Confirm Selection (menus)
X Tongue (in-game)
Arrow Keys Move Left & Right (in-game) / Navigate (menus)
ESC Pause Menu (in-game)

Additional Key Mappings
W / Up Arrow Jump (in-game)
Spacebar Tongue (in-game) / Confirm Selection (menus)
A/D Move Left & Right (in-game)
W/S/A/D Navigate (menus)

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