Permanent Daylight


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Imagine a plot that's been used so much it always is considered a parody nowadays.
Well this is another semi-parody, with raw humor, twistening plots, adult content and all the other usual clichés... It's a mad scientist who's detroying the world!!!

It feautures Dieter Kartoffelbrei as the hero, Dr. Really Really Evil Ed as the mad scientist and an amount of other characters which will mock you on your quest... The whole thing takes place on a quite cold planet far, far, far, far away. Dr. RREE has invented a machine that slows down the planets axis rotation so one side's got permanent sunshine. This will finally melt the ice on that side (and freeze everything on the other). Why you say.. well.. ehm.. 'cause he's a mad scientist and they must try to destroy the world, or they'll get kicked out from the hall of mad science.

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