Platic Kitten


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Loosely based on the old classic, Q-Bert, Plastic Kitten will offer hours of addictive fun.
The game adds a strange twist to the original by creating a surreal storyline. You are inside Evil Dr. Hi-No's brain and you have to fight in order to protect real music from the terror of pop. The game's storyline also includes some sexual innuendo's since your character is supposed to use sexiness as a weapon too.

However funny or simply peculiar the story may seem, the actual experience of playing the game is extremely rewarding. It is beautiful visually, with animations and gameplay which are certain to keep you playing. The game has five levels, with many sub-levels, and the final one includes a climactic fight against Dr. Hi-No's ego. The fate of millions of mentally retarded Disco mad people, lies on your fingertips.

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